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Vessel assurance, audits and inspections

We provide straight-forward, independent, third-party marine vessel audits and inspections

We help identify areas of risk, help understand the adequacy of systems and procedures and evaluate whether a vessel is "fit for the intended purpose".

The Green Maritime team have in-depth knowledge of offshore vessels engaged in heavy lift, construction, dive support, IRM, platform supply, anchor handling, ERRV, jack up, guard vessel and mobile offshore drilling as well as crude and product tankers.

Our services include

Accredited OVID/eCMID/eMISW inspection, including remote OVI

Industry standard vessel assurance packages

Dynamic positioning audits and assessments

Flag state inspections

Surveys of all vessel types for their condition pre-sale

P&I inspections

Inspection of equipment supplied and utilised for offshore operations

Execution in-vessel audits against ISM, ISPS and MLC codes

ISM, ISPS, MLC audits. OVMSA/TMSA audits.


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