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500m zone operations

500m zone operations are notoriously high-risk. However, risks associated with accidental impact and simultaneous operations (SIMOPS) can be managed, minimised or eliminated through proper planning, communication and supervision.

At Green Maritime we are experienced with providing impact risk assessments and procedures for close proximity operations at offshore installations are a key area of focus for the UK legislator (Health and Safety Executive) at the present time. 

A number of initiatives have been introduced to reduce the risks associated with an impact between a marine vessel and an offshore installation to an acceptable level (ALARP).

Our services include

500m Zone Impact assessments and associated risk assessments with the Master of marine vessels

Marine Responsible Person* (MRP) training**

Marine audits at offshore locations against DH procedures and industry standard guidance

Dynamic positioning, operational assessment of DP capability and associated risk

Assessments of Simultaneous Marine Operations (SiMOPS) against IMCA guidance and development of matrices for the guidance of the OIM

Authoring of Offshore Vessel 500m Zone Operations documentation

Safety and site-specific briefings to Master of marine vessels operating offshore

Provision of experienced client or marine representatives to oversee close proximity operations or project specific operations

Impact assessments and risk assessments for close proximity operations

* Marine Responsible Person (MRP) - a person with the necessary experience and training or someone with a level of understanding of marine matters and is competent to manage safe marine operations within the Installation 500 metre zone on behalf of the OIM. This Step Change Guidance is provided for offshore personnel either in-person or virtually.

**This training provides the knowledge of industry guidance and procedures to mitigate the risk associated with marine vessels operating inside the 500m zone of Duty Holder installations


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