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P&I / H&M Claims

Maritime claims vary from a few bumps and scrapes which come in at little over deductibles to multi-million-dollar losses that impact on the industry as a whole.

With a wealth of experience accumulated over many years in the industry, both as seafarers and as marine consultants, we have the knowledge and skills to determine the severity of each individual case quickly, efficiently and accurately. Over the years our consultants have worked round the world on a wide range of cases including pollution, collisions, groundings, cargo losses, fires and machinery failures, to name but a few.

Our effective and rapid reporting systems ensures that our principals receive accurate information in a timely and efficient manner to enable them to make ongoing operational decisions for the best and most cost-effective outcome.

Our services include


Cargo losses and damages

Cargo contamination

Crew and passenger injuries

Demurrage claims

Time and distance disputes

Cargo recovery claims

Hull and machinery claims

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